The Scientific Programme will include Keynote Lectures given by eminent professionals, Oral Presentations and Poster Sessions of contributed papers of participants as well as Refresher CoursesProfessionals and young researchers are encouraged to participate and present their work related to all aspects of individual monitoring of ionising radiation.

Contributions and support of Sponsors and Exhibitors are also welcome from any fields related to individual monitoring and neutron dosimetry.


Scientific topics of the conference

IM 2022


1. New Operational Quantities for External Radiation

1. Dosimetric quantities

2. New developments in external photon dosimetry

2.  New developments in neutron dosimetry including instrumentation and techniques

3. New developments in internal dosimetry 3. Micro- and nano-dosimetry
4. Dosimetry of radon exposures 4. Neutrons and ions in medicine (dosimetry for proton, ion radiotherapy, BNCT and fast neutron, radiotherapy, patient dosimetry)
5. Emergency exposure situations including retrospective dosimetry 5. Physics-biology interface (radiobiology for therapy and dosimetry, models and calculations at cellular and subcellular scales)


Combined sessions IM/NEUDOS (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

1. Individual monitoring and dose assessment at workplaces
2. Computational Dosimetry and Phantoms in individual monitoring
3. Dosimetry in space applications including aircrew
4. Individual monitoring services, quality assurance, type testing, calibration facilities
5. International and European standards and recommendations
6. Intercomparisons and standardization
7. Education, training and networks on individual monitoring