Dear Participants,

The Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN) and the European Radiation Dosimetry Group invite you to participate in the combined:
International Conference on Individual Monitoring of Ionising Radiation (IM2022)
Neutron and Ion Dosimetry Symposium (NEUDOS-14)
which will be held in Kraków, Poland from 25th to 29th April 2022. This conference continues the tradition of the conference series and offers a great opportunity to share knowledge, to exchange experience and to promote new ideas between scientists from research bodies, regulatory authorities and industry worldwide.
The IFJ PAN, established in 1955, is currently the largest research institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Minister of Science and Higher Education in Poland has granted the Institute the prestigious status of the Leading National Research Centre (KNOW) in physics for the years 2012-2017 (together with the other members of the Marian Smoluchowski Kraków Research Consortium: “Matter-Energy-Future”) and twice, in 2013 and in 2017, the Institute was awarded A+ Category (leading level in Poland) in science and engineering.
In 2017 the European Commission granted to the Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences the HR Excellence in Research award.
As EURADOS is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2022, a special session on the history of EURADOS will be organized during the conference.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Kraków!