Oral Presentations

Dear IM2022/NEUDOS-14 speakers,


The program of the conference w is available on the conference website:  https://imneudos.jordan.pl/en/programme/programme-overview

Regular talks are 13 minutes and invited 20 minutes.

Each speaker should bring the final version of his/her presentation (in Power Point or PDF format) on a USB stick.

You should check-in at the Computer Desk preferably the day before your presentation or no later than before the start of the morning session on the day of your presentation. Personnel will be there to assist you in transferring the files from the USB stick to the system computer. Presentation from a private laptop is not possible. Prior to the start of the session, please identify yourself to the session chairs and familiarize yourself with the presentation tools.

The time allocated for each oral presentation includes 2 minutes of discussion time

Chairpersons will be requested to adhere to the times, so please do not risk running out of time and therefore missing the opportunity for questions and discussion.

Online Speakers who decided to prerecord their presentations, or those who want to upload their presentations before the conference, are kindly requested to create a profile on indico platform:

  1. Create profile on:  indico.ifj.edu.pl 

         Please do not use gmail addresses !!! 

  1. Confirm your e-mail by clicking a link, which will be send to an e-mail given during registration. 
  2. Wait for the e-mail confirmation of creation of indico profile !!! ( it might take some time)
  3. Login into your profile and upload your presentation


Conferences -> Medical Physics -> International Conference on Individual Monitoring of Ionising Radiation IM2022 and Neutron and Ion Dosimetry Symposium NEUDOS-14

My conference -> My contributions

Choose your contribution -> Upload file

Please remember that prerecorded presentations are only an option. It is possible to present live.

We kindly request to upload presentations by Friday 22 April 2022, especially those scheduled on Monday 25th April and Tuesday 26th April.