Poster Guidelines

This Conference will be held in a hybrid in-person/virtual format.

  1. On-site presenters are expected  to print and post their own posters. They are also encouraged to upload the PDF of their poster to the remote participants. 
  2. Presenters MUST either present on-site or provide a Poster PDF in order to be published


Poster Template

  1. There is no official poster template for IM2022/NEUDOS-14 conference. Poster should be A0 poster size formatted vertically.

On-site Presentation 

  • Posters will be presented on bulletin boards, a sign indicating your paper number and adhesive tape will be provided.

Set-up/Tear Down

All poster presenters are to post their presentations on the day of presentation and remove after the poster session. 

Presenters are to be by their boards during their assigned poster session:


Wednesday, 27 April

14:00 – 15:30

Thursday, 28 April

16:00 – 17:30


Poster PDF

All poster presenters (in person and remote) are kindly requested to provide a one-page Poster PDF.

This is the same file that would be prepared to print for posting on-site (see poster preperation above).
Upload the poster PDF file directly into the conference paper submission system by 15 April. Instuctions will be provided by email and on the conference webpage (see below):

Rules for poster submissions:

  • Prior to submitting the poster, the presenting author needs to be registered at the Conference website
  • Prior to submitting a poster please make sure that the poster is prepared according to the above information 
  • Poster submission is available ONLY via the online system (submissions by fax, post or email will not be considered). If you want to submit your poster you should be registered.
  • If you are a registered user, please log in to your personal page and go to the Abstract Submission Form tab.
  • After submission of the poster, a confirmation email will be sent to the submitting author.