History of Im

IM2022 will continue the tradition initiated by EURADOS and established every 5 years by the previous meetings in Helsinki (2000), Vienna (2005), Athens (2010) and Bruges (2015). Last Conference which could be hosted by Budapest (2020) was canceled because of the global COVID pandemic. The International Conference on Individual Monitoring (IM) is considered to be the main conference dealing with the field of individual monitoring of ionising radiation.



History of Neudos

The neutron and ion dosimetry symposia has a long tradition and attracts many physicists, physicians, practitioners and radiation protection officers. The first symposium on Neutron Detection, Dosimetry, and Standardization was held by the International Atomic Energy Agency at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, England, 10-14 December 1962. Symposium provided an opportunity for considering developments in neutron dosimetry and its application in radiation protection and radiotherapy. For the next 25 years the symposium was moved to GSF Neuherberg, where it became an important event on the international map of scientific conferences in the field of dosimetry. Since 2006 NEUDOS is formally organized by European Dosimetry Group EURADOS, who initiates and coordinates the upcoming events. In 2009 the 11th Symposium was first time organized outside Europe, in iTEMBA Lab, South Africa. Proceedings of the symposium are published in broadly recognized international journals and constitute an important source of knowledge on neutron and ion dosimetry.